Friday, March 9, 2012


I love this project!!!! This was a project that I have been meaning to do for the past three years but haven't had a chance to try. Well, I am so glad I finally tried!!! Not only do they turn out amazing, but the kids had a BLAST creating these!! I completed this project with 5th graders and later (because I loved it so much) used it as an incentive for Jr. High. I used liquid watercolors,card stock, sharpies, and colored pencil (only one extra color). First, I demonstrated how to do the project and my expectations. We learned that you do not need to squeeze the bottle, just turn it upside down over the paper. Let about 5 drops of paint drop on the paper. Then quickly, you get really close to the paper, take a deep breath in and blow!!! (some people use straws for this but I did not). Next, we used sharpie markers to add the details such as eyes, shoes, claws, spikes, and much more!! This project really challenges our artists to think creatively! This idea was inspired by which is a website where the artist posts a new ink monster everyday!! Check it out becuase it is amazing!!!

Herrera Mission Mural

Our school's Mission statement is "Academic, Linguistic and Artistic Excellence!" We chose to illustrate this mission in the entrance of the school!! Junior High students worked on the mural and we are so proud of the outcome!

Perspective Hallway

Junior High students were working on a mural in the hallway, but we quickly realized a problem in having a whole class complete this mural. The mural we were painting was tall and narrow and all students could not paint at once. So, I decided to break the group into two teams and switch each day. While one team was painting, the other was drawing the hallway in perspective!! This worked out really well for our mural (becasue I obviously could not leave the rest of the group in the art room while I was outside) and the results are beautiful. First, we used pencil to draw the hallway and after they were able to color them realistically or colorful.