Saturday, December 6, 2014

1 point perspective

8th graders learned about one point perspective. After a few classes of practicing different perspective drawings, students were asked to create their own perspective scene of their choice. I just love what kids can come up with when given the chance and the tools!! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pinch pot creatures!!

6th graders created ceramic creatures using the pinch pot hand building technique. They had to create the body from a pinch pot, but also were asked to include a slab and coil somewhere on their creature. In our district, 6th grade is the first time our students ever used clay and I think they turned out great!! 

Clay pockets!!

7th graders made wall pockets out of clay. They were asked to make a holder for something that needs a home. We talked about things like needing a place for thier phones, remotes, bobby pins, make-up brushes, pens and pencils and much more. Then, they were asked to think of where it would be hung (in case they wanted to match that room). Next, we started rolling out our slabs to create our wall pocket!!! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Welcome school year!

I am so excited to start my third year at the wonderful SMS! Every year, I always struggle on what to hang on the bullitin board since students have yet to create anything for me to hang. This year, I decided to paint my favorite quote!! And as soon as my artists start creating, I will be happy to cover it with their fantastic artwork! 


Towards the end of the year when the summer is quickly approaching, we all (teachers included) can get a bit silly and crazy. So this year I decided that we needed some ZEN. We created zentangle art!! Zentangles are an art form that uses specific patterns and lines that many find calming and relaxing. It was exactly what we needed!! Students were asked to pick nah object to showcase on the middle with color and then at least 6 sections of different Zentangles around the object. My eighth graders really enjoyed this project. A group of boys decided to work together and each chose a different superhero logo!!! Loved their idea and that they worked together!!! They all really loved it and many did more than one and asked to keep the zentangle packets.