Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matisse and Marc

Southeast 7th graders are starting an art timeline that begins at the start of the 20th Century and ends in contemporary or modern art.  We have began with artists Henri Matisse and Franz Marc.  They started an art movement called Fauvism in about 1904-1908.  It had recognizable subjects, however was unique due to the bright and unexpected colors and visible brush strokes. We discussed this through a presentation which you can watch at Our students really connected with Franz Marc because he is most well known for his paintings of horses and many of our students see horses everyday or own horses themselves.  Students chose an animal that they wanted to draw and we used oil pastels to recreate the bright colors and textures of Marc. 


 Southeast 7th graders studied Pablo Picasso's artwork, specifically his portraits.  We discussed how he painted faces and objects from different angles, or CUBISM!! Next, we created colorful portraits in a cubist style.  First, we drew the face shape and drew lines to divide the page.  Next we drew our facial features (cubist style).  In each section students were asked to create a different pattern with marker and color it in with colored pencil. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cave Art!

Southeast 6th graders have started this school year with an art timeline from cave art to 20th century art.  We have completed the cave art and students had such a great time!! First, we watched a presentation about cave art.  You can watch this presentation at .   Next, we toured the inside of the cave through a virtual tour (the website link is in the presentation).  Then we discussed the subject of what they drew and how important art is in every culture and time period.  After our discussion, we were ready to draw.  I had students crumple up a few large sheets of brown butcher paper and tape them under the tables and on the walls (to mimic the cave) and we turned off the lights and had to crawl in the "cave" and draw things that were important in our lives in the style of the cave art.  Students only had limited colors to work with because they did not have many colors to choose from 15,000 years ago.  Scientists believe that cave artists used their hand prints as a signature, so our students also placed their hand prints in our cave.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome to Southeast Middle School 2012-2013!!

As some of you may have noticed, I have recently changed my school name and location.  I had an absolutely wonderful 5 years at Phoenix Elementary School, but it was time to move back to Ohio.  I learned so much about teaching, made lifelong friends with my peers, and taught thousands of students about my passion for art in Arizona.  This summer I have moved back to Ohio (where I grew up) and was asked to be the new art teacher for Southeast Middle School and I am so excited for this school year and many more to come at Southeast!!! The community and staff have been so helpful and welcoming and if the beginning of this new move is any indication of what is ahead, I know I will have a fabulous time here!!!! I would like to thank both school districts, thanks to Phoenix for my wonderful past and thank you to Southeast for my exciting new future!!! Stay tuned to Draws Attention for all of our new creations from OHIO!!!!