Monday, March 28, 2011

Salon Des Enfants

Salon Des Enfants This is a video of our largest and most popular art show of the school year!!! It is an art show for all of the schools from our district and grades 5th - 8th.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainbow Fish

Kinder students read the book Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. I think that this book has a wonderful message about sharing and knowing what is really important. First, we read the story and discuss the meaning and message. Next, step by step we learned how to draw a rainbow fish with scales. We only colored the fish with crayons and used watercolor for the water, BUT FIRST, before the watercolor, i gave each student a white crayon and told them to draw bubbles. They were so confused and said, "Teacher, but we can't see them on the white paper!!!!" and I said "I know, I am going to show you ART MAGIC!!!!" They were so excited! Then, I took out the blue watercolors and painted over the bubbles and they were amazed that they could still see the bubbles (crayon resist). As I was walking around the room I heard one table discussing how they were not going to tell anyone the secret to the art magic trick. The last thing we did, after the crayon, watercolor, and magic was complete, I let each student choose one scale to cover in silver glitter. this is always a favorite among students. I like it because it incorporates reading and the results are always amazing!! I really love the "Mario Bros. Rainbow Fish" below.


Junior High students are studying the elements of art. For this project we studied shape and created Tessellations!!! (and it incorporates math!!!). First, students started with a 3" X 3" square. We cut from one side and taped to the opposite, then one other side and taped that to the opposite. next, students turned and flipped them to see what they saw in the shape. Students were really creative with the shape. After they figured out their shape, they traced them on a piece of white paper, colored them in with colored pencil and some decided to outline in black sharpie.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dream City!!

Students in 5th and 6th grade studied perspective in art. Each student received a pencil, eraser, piece of paper and a ruler. We started with the vanishing point in the middle of the page. Next,I showed each step in drawing a one-point perspective drawing. When the outline of the buildings, street, windows and doors were created, I encouraged the students to be really creative and use their imagination for the details of the city. They could add any stores they wanted to their city, any vehicles, or anything in the sky!!! After the details were drawn, we colored them in with colored pencil and some students chose to outline them with black sharpie marker.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


3rd and 4th Graders studied the artwork of Kieth Haring in art class. We watched a presentation on his artwork and discussed what makes his artwork different than other artists we have studied in the past. We mostly studied this particular mural on the left. Students found that most of his figures do not have faces, necks, or fingers. We also discoved his use of bright colors and black lines to show motion and outline the shapes!! We watched some videos/cartoons that are made by Haring and they are so AWESOME, you can find them at

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Panda Art and P.E.!!!

This week Coach Wooten (P.E. teacher) and I were able to do a team teaching lesson with our Kinder Students!!! We all had so much fun! First we watched a cool song about a panda doing different activities you can learn in P.E. (like swimming, jumping, running, and hopping). We got the song video from

Next, we discussed and reviewed what it means to "Participate" and we practiced along with the video. After practicing once, we got creative and made really cute headbands with Panda faces!! We used crayons and our imaginations to color our pandas! Some added bows, hats, hair, and more their panda! While they were coloring, Coach and I went around to all the students to fit the headband to their head. When the students were finished cutting and coloring we glued them to the headband, put them on, and got ready to do the activities with the PANDA!!!!! Here are some photos and videos from the Panda Day!!!

Cezanne Still Life

3rd and 4th grade students have studied the artwork of Cezanne. He is most well known for his still life paintings. A still-life is a picture of something that does not move, different than a portrait or a landscape. Many artist were doing still-life's during Cezanne's time but his paintings were different. He used bold colors and black lines. I set up a small still life containing fruit (apples and oranges) and flowers on white fabric. Next students used oil pastels and black construction paper to draw the shapes. Next, they blended colors to add value and texture and lastly outline everything in black!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Olden"burg- ers"

Oldenburg is well known for distorting common everyday objects with size or materials. He makes large sculptures of stamps, clothes pins, food, spoons and much more. 5th and 6th graders distorted a hamburger by making it a Silly Olden"burger." The used their imagination and added things into their burger. We used a long piece of white paper, colored pencils and sharpie markers last. They turned out so AWESOME!!!