Friday, January 27, 2012

Guiseppe Arcimboldo Collage

4th and 5th grade students have reached 1570's on our timeline which includes the famous artist GUISEPPE ARCIMBOLDO!!! Arcimboldo creates two-dimensional portraits out of unusual objects. He was way ahead of his time!! Everyone else in his time was creating realistic art (like Da Vinci and Michealangelo), he was painting these crazy pictures!! Salvador Dali called Arcimboldo the "Father of Surrealism." Students really like Arcimboldo's work!!

For our assignment we created portraits by using magazine pictures. They were required to make a face out of anything but facial features!! This project is so much fun and really forces students to be creative and think outside of the box!!


  1. These are so great! Unfortunately I don't have any magazines that have food photos in them- only fashion magazines!

  2. This is a great way to intro this artist -I've usually done it with drawing, but this is a different spin on the lesson. With collage, you could combine Arcimboldo with a current pop artist, Michael Albert, who makes his collages out of cereal boxes. (He calls it "cerealism"!!!) What a great way to bring together 2 different eras of history!

    Found you on Pinterest today. Thanks for the idea.