Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dis de Los metros crayon resist

Dis de Los Muertos is one of my favorite holidays! It is a joyous and happy way to celebrate someone's life that has passed away. This holiday is celebrated around Halloween and includes skulls as a major role, so many people associate them together, but it is it's own holiday.  Dia de Los Muertos is filled with bright colors and skulls as it's theme. For this project, students created crayon resists of skulls. They could choose to draw it about a late family or friend, or just a cool skull image. When we colored we pressed really dark with crayons (some also use oil pastels). Next, we crumpled the paper to create cracks in the wax. Then we painted over it with watered down black paint. The paint should stay in the cracks or anywhere else that was not colored. This gives a really cool effect when finished!!

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