Friday, November 5, 2010


Junior High Students studied the art of Chuck Close and photo realism. Chuck Close is a truly inspirational artist. Many years ago, he became paralyzed and was unable to use his body. His Passion for art actually helped him recover. He used a paintbrush in his teeth because he could not use his arms or hands. Later in his life he regained some of the movement in his arm and is now able to paint with the brush strapped to his hand. Chuck Close's style of art ist photorealism, which basically means a painting that looks so real that it looks like a photograph. First, we studied value and practiced shading. Students chose a symmetrical animal picture and cut it in half. Next, students taped it to the paper and students were asked to point out the darkest and lightest shades in their picture. This allows them to figure out when to put the most pressure and when to press the lightest. I think doing this project allows you to appreciate the art of Close even more!!!!

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