Thursday, December 2, 2010

Creative Christmas Ornaments

Every Year our district art teachers make ornaments for the holiday season. This year, Junior High students made theirs out of light bulbs. The first step was to cut tissue paper into small squares and glue them on the light bulb with a glue and water mixture (puctured below). They can choose to make a pattern, a solid color or many colors. While that was drying, we started creating our ornaments faces out of felt and buttons. I think that Tacky Glue works the best for this project. The next step is tying the string or ribbon around the light bulb. Finally, we glued the face to the top of the light bulb. Students were really creative, making santa faces, hello kittly faces, reindeer and even a Jack Skellington!!!I think these are going to be a big hit this holiday season!

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