Thursday, March 17, 2011

Panda Art and P.E.!!!

This week Coach Wooten (P.E. teacher) and I were able to do a team teaching lesson with our Kinder Students!!! We all had so much fun! First we watched a cool song about a panda doing different activities you can learn in P.E. (like swimming, jumping, running, and hopping). We got the song video from

Next, we discussed and reviewed what it means to "Participate" and we practiced along with the video. After practicing once, we got creative and made really cute headbands with Panda faces!! We used crayons and our imaginations to color our pandas! Some added bows, hats, hair, and more their panda! While they were coloring, Coach and I went around to all the students to fit the headband to their head. When the students were finished cutting and coloring we glued them to the headband, put them on, and got ready to do the activities with the PANDA!!!!! Here are some photos and videos from the Panda Day!!!

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