Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainbow Fish

Kinder students read the book Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. I think that this book has a wonderful message about sharing and knowing what is really important. First, we read the story and discuss the meaning and message. Next, step by step we learned how to draw a rainbow fish with scales. We only colored the fish with crayons and used watercolor for the water, BUT FIRST, before the watercolor, i gave each student a white crayon and told them to draw bubbles. They were so confused and said, "Teacher, but we can't see them on the white paper!!!!" and I said "I know, I am going to show you ART MAGIC!!!!" They were so excited! Then, I took out the blue watercolors and painted over the bubbles and they were amazed that they could still see the bubbles (crayon resist). As I was walking around the room I heard one table discussing how they were not going to tell anyone the secret to the art magic trick. The last thing we did, after the crayon, watercolor, and magic was complete, I let each student choose one scale to cover in silver glitter. this is always a favorite among students. I like it because it incorporates reading and the results are always amazing!! I really love the "Mario Bros. Rainbow Fish" below.

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