Thursday, April 19, 2012

Russian Stacking Dolls

2nd and third graders are learning about ART FROM AROUND THE WORLD!!! This is the project from Russia. We discussed Russian Stacking Dolls (AKA Russian nesting dolls). First, we looked at pictures of traditional stacking dolls and discussed characteristics (what they are made out of, shape, colors, why are the women wearing scarves? etc.). Next, we looked at modern stacking dolls and discussed the differences.

For the art project, I made a template of the three different size dolls. I made sure to remind them that all the lines have to go from one side of the stacking doll to the other (one example is the line on the top of the pants). I also reminded them that nothing can be sticking off of the stacking doll because then they wouldn't fit together.

I let the students choose if they want to make a traditional stacking doll or a modern stacking doll (most chose modern). There were so many great ideas for this project, but here a few...

Also, a few weeks later, a student (above) was soooooo excited to show me that her cousin let her borrow her stacking doll to bring in to show the class!! Another example of those "teacher moment" reasons I LOVE MY JOB!!!

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  1. Dana,
    These are so Cute! What a great idea, and the expression on your student's face says it all!
    I agree that we have the best job in the world!
    Jana in RI