Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Last month, a professional silhouette artist, Varin, (who also happens to be my beautiful mother) came to Herrera School to teach us about the art of silhouettes. She came all the way from San Diego to teach Kinder-8th graders about the history of silhouettes and how to cut them. She started each lesson by talking about the history of silhouettes and how they are made. Earlier that morning, I asked teachers from our fine arts team and junior high to come to my room to have their silhouette done. During class, I layed out the teacher's portraits and called students up to the table as a challange to see if they could identfy each teacher portrait (and they guessed correctly!!!) Next, Varin chose the student with the closest upcoming birthday and cut a silhouette of that student. She gave them pointers, for example, always have the model sit so the front of thier face is on your right hand side (if you are right handed) so that it is easier to cut the tiny details on the face. Also, to turn the paper when you are cutting, not you hands. Next the students paired up and cut silhouettes of their friends!!! Students were surprised at how difficult it was, but had a lot of fun!!!

You can view Varin's work at

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