Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 8th graders are working on learning each of the elements of art! We are working on COLOR!!! First we drew a color wheel and discussed different color families.  After I was confident that the students were familiar with the basic color families we were ready to move on to the next color assignment and we were HUNGRY!!! We used vanilla icing, vanilla wafers and food coloring to make an edible color wheel!! Student were asked to mix all the colors for the primary and secondary colors.   They also had to complete the color wheel and get it approved by me before they could eat.  Next, we started our symmetrical color design project.  We learned 8 different color families/schemes... primary, secondary, intermediate, tints, shades, neutrals, warm and cool!!! After designing our pattern we used tempera paint.  Lastly, we used sharpie markers to clean up our lines. Great Job!!

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  1. These look awesome! What a great way to teach so many color schemes in one project. Best of luck at your new school!