Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Value Day!!

I wore my value shirt and created this necklace and
wished students a Happy Value Day!! 
This week our 8th graders studied value and form.  First, we had a guest artist show us his wonderful photo realistic drawings to show the students how to use value in a drawing and techniques that help create this look. It was so nice of him to take his time to show the students!!  THANK YOU!!  Next,  we watched our presentation on value and form... . 

After discussing how to create a form by adding value, we were ready to draw.  Students were asked to draw fruit using value.  I wanted students to use different materials and was excited when I found an example of this project on Pinterest.  This project allowed us to use charcoal, pencil and colored pencil.  I used my amazing document camera (with light) so students could see the still life... isn't technology cool???  Students used charcoal on the newspaper, ebony pencils on the paper and colored pencil on the brown paper.  

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  1. These look great! I love the way you projected the still life,too! We are just wrapping up a whole unit on value in Room 9 in Rhode Island. I did it with my 8th graders, so check if out soon!