Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mona Lisa Parodies!!

6th graders learned about the most famous painting in the world last week.  THE MONA LISA!!! We discussed how almost 6 million people visit it each year and where they had seen the painting before.  Students called out that they had seen it in movies, T.V. shows (like Wizards of Waverly Place)  and many many more places. Many people make parodies of this painting because of its fame.  So... that is what we did!! I printed out a copy of the Mona Lisa and students cut her away form the background.  Next, they decided which setting they wanted to put her in.  I love how each idea was different and unique!!We had gazelle Lisa, tissue Lisa and even Mona Gump!! Next, we outlined our design in black marker and colored them in with colored pencil.  Great Job!!

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