Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fall Leaves

2nd and 3rd Graders created fall leaves before the Thanksgiving Break.First, we used rubber leaves to make a leaf print with white paint and little sponges to apply the paint. We used brown construction paper as a base for the leaves to make fall colors. When we were finished we set them on the drying rack to dry for the next class. Next, we used tempera paint, with warm colors (red, orange and yellow) mixed with copper paint to
create the background for the leaves. We used a little sponge (cut from large sponges from the dollar store) and clothespins to BLEND the colors together. The clothespins also help to keep their hands a bit cleaner. It is difficult to paint with such large classes and wash hands, so the clothespins help. Lastly, we use a black permanent marker to add a border and bring out the veins of the leaves.

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