Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jackson Pollock at Herrera

Junior High is still working on our art timeline, and we have finally reached Jackson Pollock! First, we discussed Jackson Pollock's work and they each had to write a paragraph whether they thought it was art or not and why. We also learned that he actually went to our school district as a child.. SO COOL!!! The students were really excited about painting this one because it is a wonderful excuse to make a mess with paint!! We started with an old painting of mine that has been in my closet for years and I did not mind covering up. We first put two layers of gesso on it and then let it dry. The next day, I laid out a large area of butcher paper to protect the floor. I only allowed the students about 4-5 colors (including black and white). I have found in the past that if you allow too many colors the canvas gets really "muddy" looking. We used black, white, copper, dark teal, and yellow. We used acrylic paint on the canvas, but instead of paintbrushes we used paint stirrers and marbles (that I made out of fimo dough) to throw or bounce off the canvas. We also used our hand prints on the canvas just like Jackson Pollock!! I only allowed about three-four students at a time to work on the painting so we would not splash paint on each other. We had a great time, learned a lot about Jackson Pollock and created a beautiful "Action Painting!!"

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