Friday, November 4, 2011

Mona Lisa with a twist!

4th and 5th graders are continuing on through our timeline and we have finally reached LEONARDO DA VINCI and his most famous artwork, the MONA LISA. We learned many interesting facts about her and the painting. (for example, did you know that originally Da Vinci painted her hair in a bun and later changed it to the way it is now?) We also made inferences on why she has that expression on her face. All of the students were amazed by the amount of detail and how he painted so realistically. After our discussion we decided to create a new environment for her... Mona Lisa with a Twist. I am continuously inspired and impressed by the creativity and imagination of kids. We had president Mona Lisa, Bridal Mona Lisa, DJ Mona Lisa, Fortune teller Mona Lisa, Sponge bob Mona Lisa, Dragon Mona Lisa and even an Angry birds Mona Lisa (just to name a few). Stay tuned for the next post about Michelangelo!!

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