Friday, November 18, 2011

Yummm! Color Wheels!!!

Every Wednesday we have "Super Special Wednesdays," which are days that we get selected classes for a longer time. This allows classroom teachers to meet for professional development. It also allows special area teachers to have some extra time with their classes. I like to use this time to create lessons that I would not have time for during the regular class time. This lesson, Tasty Color Wheels, is a perfect example of one of those lessons. We use white frosting, food coloring, and vanilla wafers for this project. I have found that wax paper works best to keep the tables clean. I remind students of a few things before we begin... they will get a chance to eat it at the end so please be patient and wait, only touch the food that you will eat, take turns mixing colors, and don't put too much food coloring (your teeth will be blue!!). Also, it is important that after you mix the primary colors (red, yellow,and blue) and you begin to mix the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple) that you only take a small amount of primary colors. For example, if you take all of the red and blue to make purple, you will not have any red left for orange or blue left for green. This is a wonderful lesson about the color wheel and color mixing, as well as so much fun!!!

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