Saturday, November 26, 2011


I went to NYC over thanksgiving break to visit my brother and celebrate my Grandma's 80th birthday!! While we were there my brother asked if there was anything that I wanted to see or do and without hesitation I said, "Art Museum!!!" We narrowed down which art museum I would like to go to and decided on MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). I was amazed at all of the beautiful artwork including sculptures, paintings, and much much more!!! I have included some of the artwork that I thought was amazing, but my FAVORITE part of going to the museum (with my mom and grandma) was seeing the artwork that I teach my students. Some of these include Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Cleas Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, and Diego Rivera just to name a few (the museum prohibits taking pictures of a lot of the artwork).

The two pictures above were my favorite pictures to show the students because they have special meaning to me. Jackson Pollock actually went to our school district as a child. The other painting, Roy Lichtenstein, went to OHIO STATE (which explains why I am making a big "O" with my arms) and I just so happened to be wearing my Ohio State Socks!!!! O-H-I-O!!!!!

This is made out of many PAINTBRUSHES!!

Andy WARHOL!! I took a picture of my grandma in front of his Marilyn Print because my grandma's name is also Marilyn!!!
Cleas Oldenburg--- this is a huge fan made of soft materials!!

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  1. Hi Dana, I was going to do a "blog spotlight" about your blog. I'd like to highlight some of the blogs that are in my art teacher blog directory. Would it be ok for me to link to your blog and include a couple pictures?